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Creative energy is in the air!

Tori Webb Pendergrass, Director

An accomplished painter, teacher and mother,
Tori studied at the prestigious Chicago Art Institute
and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from
Kansas City Art Institute. She delights in teaching children

and adults courses in drawing, painting, ceramics and collage.

Our Mission

Pigment School of the Arts is committed to nurturing the creative spirit within each developing artist. For that playful spirit to flourish, students need freedom to explore and a reservoir of skills with which they can express themselves. At Pigment, we provide both.

Our Methods
Our studio classes offer multiple levels of detailed instruction in drawing, pastel, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. The students begin their artmaking journey by learning how to observe the world around them with active eyes. Then, using high-quality art media and encouraging inventiveness and spontaneity, we teach artists how to communicate their visions in unique works of art.

A Holistic Approach
Our students grow as artists and dreamers, self-assured in their ability to create. Our environment fosters self-discovery by encouraging individuals to identify and communicate their ideas through art making. We promote personal responsibility as we encourage students to persevere through challenges to produce works of their best quality. Students become involved in creating and maintaining a beautiful, peaceful environment as they learn to respect themselves, their fellow artists, and the studio as a safe, creative space.


“With Tori's help, I am finding my passion and honing my skills, while having fun and meeting other artists who have become friends for life.

Pigment  School of the Arts gives me a vibrant new home for my imagination to become realized!”

Amelie Marchesseau


Events & Workshops

Early Learning

Parent and child interact in a relaxing, supportive environment. Through this unique bonding experience, each pair

collaborates to produce an art piece to cherish forever.

Kids' Creations

This multimedia class provides specialized instruction and

allows creative freedom for young artists. A wide variety of

materials, both 2-D and 3-D, are offered to vary the students'

experiences. Projects evolve over several weeks,

demonstrating the process involved in producing artwork.


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